Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications

Pooja Nataraja

Graduate Student in Computer Science

Kennedy College of Science


Office: Falmouth 203

Others: LinkedIn


Human Robotic Interaction, Reinforcement Learning


  • programming language: Java, Python
  • other: html, sql, Microsoft, Latex, testing frameworks like: Cucumber, Rest Assured, Saop API, TestComplete, Manual and Automation Testing with Selenium. 


Pooja Nataraja is a graduate student at Kennedy College of Science, UMass Lowell, specializing in Human-Robotic Interaction and Reinforcement Learning, with extensive experience in software development, testing, and leadership roles at Cognizant, Mindtree, and Philips India. She has expertise in Java, Python, Selenium, and frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, and ROS, along with involvement in diverse academic projects ranging from intelligent appliances to machine learning security.



  • Masters (Expected 2025) Computer Science, University of Massachusetts, Lowell.
  • BE (2017) Computer Science: East West Institute of Technology (Bangalore)


  • Programmer Analyst at Cognizant (May 2018 – March 2021):

    Professional expertise in Java/J2EE technologies and the software development life cycle, demonstrating proficiency in Analysis, Design, Development Testing, and Maintenance. Further iI worked experience extends to advanced J2EE Frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate, with a strong understanding of Spring framework components like IOC, ORM, Spring Core, and Spring AOP. Exposure to web designing technologies including JSP, HTML5, CSS, and Angular JS, alongside exposure to Rest Web Services and Amazon Web Services. Furthermore, I have gathered hands-on experience with databases such as SQL and DB2, and are adept in Agile/Scrum and waterfall methodologies. Also effectively managed team communication by concatenating daily statuses and reports, sharing them with both the team and clients, while leading a team of four members and involved in knowledge transition to new-staff by conducting in-class training on project-specific practices. 

  • Senior Test Engineer at Mindtree (March 2021 – Feb 2022)

    Involved in developing and implemented a Selenium Test Automation Framework, resulting in a 17% cost reduction through enhanced scalability, reusability, and maintenance. Framework successfully executed over 20 regression tests, uncovering several major defects early on. Delivered comprehensive quality testing from pre-release to maintenance phases and led a team of over 3 members. Additionally, managed client communication through consolidated reports and daily emails, facilitated knowledge transition for new staff, and conducted project-specific training sessions. Their efforts were recognized with the Spot on Award in June 2021 for demonstrating exemplary team spirit, initiative, and customer value alignment with Mindtree values.

  • Test Lead at Philips India (Feb 2022 – June 2023) Experienced in automation and functional testing, collaborating closely with senior business analysts and subject matter experts to ensure quality and alignment with business requirements. Proficient in JBehave, Cucumber, Python, Java, and Selenium, adept at managing projects independently while facilitating knowledge transfer and introducing innovative testing processes.

Academic Projects:

1. An Intelligent Appliance with Multimedia Capability used to retrieve information from the refrigerator regarding the quantity of vegetables and milk through the weight sensor and the freshness of vegetables or fruits through the aroma sensor. The information was retrieved using an embedded C program, and a sim card was mounted. It sent the information to the owner’s mobile phone along with an online shopping link using which customers could place orders

2. iTwin Technology: A
twin identical pen-drive-like construction (iTwin). One is connected to the computer from which data is sent, and the other is connected to the machine for receiving data. This facilitates the safe flow of data and is password secured and 
understood how iTwin
technology works and its plug-and-play techniques that help transfer data from
one computer to another.

3. Turtlebot4 Interface:
Currently working on creating a turlebot4 robot interface using ROS integration that would visualize the robot mapped pathway and provide options to control and command the robot

4. Pothole Detection
An IOT project that involved in detecting pothole in neighbor areas and inform driver about it through an Application interface and helps the drivers to avoid accidental damage to the car.5.

ML and DL Security Project:
An Machine Learning Security Project that involves creating a victim model and generating Adversarial samples using attack algorithm and training the model with these samples and evaluating model susceptibility to the attack.