Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications

Flore Stécie Norcéide

Graduate student in Electrical Engineering

Francis College of Engineering


Office:  Falmouth 203



Flore Stécie Norcéide is a graduate student completing her PhD in Electrical Engineering. She first started as a Research, Academics, and Mentoring Pathways (RAMP) participant.  She is currently both a teaching and research assistant. 


Neuromorphic Computing, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Computational and Physical Acoustics


  • Ph.D (Expected ’25) Electrical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • M.S.E (’23) Electrical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell 
  • B.S.E (’21) Computer Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell
    • GPA: 3.75/4.0 
    • Dean’s list recognition (’19, ’20, ’21)
  • A.S (’18) Computer Science, Three Rivers Community College
    • GPA: 3.83/4.0
    • Dean’s List Recognition (’16, ’17, ’18)


  • Programming: Python, MATLAB, C, Java 
  • Laboratory: Oscilloscope, Function generator, Analog Discovery, Soldering
  • Tools: Tensorflow, PyTorch, snnTorch, I.C Compiler 2, Design Compiler, I.C Validator, I.C Workbench, Emacs, LaTeX
  • Language: French, Creole, Spanish

Honors & Awards 

  • Nikola Tesla Electrical Engineering Scholar, Columbia University (’21)
  • Richard Ferrante Research Endowment, UML (’19)
  • Etta Kappa Nu, UML (’19)
  • The Oprah Winfrey Scholarship, UML (’18)
  • Graduate Research Assistant (Fall ’22 – Current): Advised by Prof. Chandra and Prof. Thompson in different research problems related to neuromorphic engineering, acoustics, data analytics, and machine learning.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (Summer ’23 – Current):  EECE.2080 Basic Electrical Engineering Lab II 
  • Undergraduate Capstone Project Mentor (September ’23 – Current): Mentoring and assisting 4-senior undergraduate students with event-based and frame-based data synchronization project in conjunction with RTX Corporation.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (Summer ’19 – Spring ’23): EECE. 5498 Data-Driven Models, Decision Making, and Risk Management (Fall ’23), EECE. 5496 Cyber-Physical Systems Modeling and Simulation (Spring ’23), EECE.2070 Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory I (Summer ’23), ECE.3650 Electronics I (Spring ’23), RAMP (Summer ’19)
    • Assisted Prof. Chandra and Prof. Thompson to develop courses in the graduate certificate in Digital Engineering, developing lectures, assignments and projects for graduate students in the civilian workforce at a local US Air Force Base (Spring-Fall ’23).
  • Grader: for EECE.3170 Microprocessors I (Fall ’20)
  • Digital Implementation Intern: Synopsys (January – August 2020) Block owner assisted the completion of a Double Data Rate LPDDR5X project. Coded and tested abutment test cases for DDRPHY IPs. Testing was done weekly on two different projects. Analyzed DRC and LVS reports from I.C Validator and fixed DRCs using TSMC technology in ICC2. Tested out and ran the QA flow used for release of data to customer. Created a series of scripted checks to determine proper routing connections using TCL and Perl
  • Hivestorm: Participated in a 4-person team collegiate-focused cyber defense competition. Competition included working on securing provided Windows and Linux based virtual machines – removing malware and other infections, correcting misconfigurations, mitigating vulnerabilities, and disabling vulnerable services.
  • Tribe Academy Externship: 10-week STEM and Business program where I met with industry leaders from Nike, Fidelity Investments, Audible, CyberArk, Quora, and MGM to expand skills in Design Thinking, Marketing, Product Innovation, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Areas. Completed a Business Case Study Challenge building a Tableau Visualization Dashboard.

Selected Publications 

  • E. Aoki, B. Tran, F. Norcéide, V. Tran, S. Sastry, C. Thompson, and K. Chandra, “Integrating Software and Systems Engineering: A Framework for Human-Centric Design of Augmented Reality Application.” Paper accepted for presentation at the 2024 IEEE International Systems Conference (SysCon),  Montreal, QC, Canada, 2024
  • K. Chandra, O. Batarseh, S. Kraemer, E. Aoki, and F. Norcéide, “Integrating Model-Based Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking Skills in Engineering Courses.” Manuscript submitted for 2024 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Portland, OR, 2024
  • E. AokiP. GandhiF. NorceideK. Chandra, and C. Thompson, “Model based spectral feature analysis in reverberant acoustic fields,” to appear, Proc. of Meetings on Acoustics, Chicago, IL, May 2023.
  • C. Thompson, J. Vanegas, R. Perkins, F. Norceide, I. Alvarez, and K. Chandra (2019). Acoustic streaming in a channel of moderate streaming Reynolds number. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • C. Thompson, K. Chandra, and F. Norceide (2019). The effect of acoustically driven fluid motion on boundary-induced pattern formation. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.