Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications

Cheryl Nguyen

Undergraduate Student in Computer  Engineering

Francis College of Engineering


Neuromorphic Computational


  • Programming: Python, C, C++, MATLAB
  • Laboratory: Oscilloscope, Function Generator, benchtop equipment, Analog Discovery, Soldering
  • Languages: Vietnamese, English

Cheryl Nguyen is an undergraduate student studying Computer Engineering in Massachusetts. She is currently working as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the CACT lab.


  • B.S. (’25) Computer Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell (In-progress)

Work, Research, Academic Experience

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant (Spring 2024 – Current): CACT, University of Massachusetts Lowell  – advised by Prof. Thompson and Prof. Chandra in various problems.
  • Hardware Engineering InternHubbell Incorporated (Summer 2023) Focused on testing meters and extensively researching their power-related attributes. This
    involved evaluating meter performance under various conditions, analyzing efficiency
    parameters, and ensuring power compatibility. Also, took the time to optimize meter
    performance with different power sources to enhance reliability and prevent disruptions.
    Additionally, collected detailed data on power metrics and used Excel to create models for
    visualization and interpretation of key performance indicators. 
  • Robotics Research Intern: NERVE Center (Summer 2022) Worked with an electrical engineering group within a diverse team of software and mechanical engineers. Together, tackled technical hurdles such as overheating magnets, non-rotating motors, and messy wiring. The main focus was on refining and optimizing product functionality through meticulous planning and research. The main project involved revamping a damaged CCRI Box prototype with overheating components. Leading the redesign efforts resulted in a polished prototype that integrated with our robotic systems. Additionally, developed a systematic station for electrical components, simplifying wire connections and component placements, thereby streamlining processing procedures.


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