Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications

Doctoral Dissertations

1992 Kavitha Chandra

Asymptotic solutions and probabilistic characterization for ultrasonic scattering in biological media (thompson, ece)

1992  Ifen Yang

Globally synchronized distributed first-in first-out protocols for high-speed networks (kim,  cs)

1993  Geol-u Ryu

Output locality switch (OLS) for ATM networks (kim, cs)

1993 Iiyoung Chong

ATM traffic control at burst level (kim, cs)

1993  Himanshu Bhatnagar

 NCLIPS: An architecture that integrates neural networks and rule-based knowledge representation (steele, cs)

1993  Ali Rafieymehr

Integrating visualization into massively parallel environments  (steele, cs)

1993  Jie Yao

 On computations and algorithms for the Gabor transform (steele, cs)

1993 Paul E. Kenison

RESLOG: Logic programming with resolution    (gumb,  cs)

1994  Arun Mulpur

 Modeling and control of optical fiber variations (thompson, ece)

1994  Edward Riley

 CASYS: An object-oriented CASE tool for developing high-reliability software   (steele, cs)

1995 Kamonpet Patiwat

Probabilistic image reconstructions from noisy and incomplete projections.    (krishnan,  ece)

1996 Ping Wang

Computational algorithms for cell loss ratio in ATM networks with bursty source    (kim,   cs)

1996 Vineet Mehta

Instability and chaotic motion in an oscillatory boundary layer (thompson,ece)

1996 Sylvia Isler

 Modeling and simulation of ultrasonic wave propagation.    (thompson,   cs)

1997 Ling Xu

Probabilistic reconstruction of tomographic images – a statistical approach.    (krishnan,   ece)

1997 Bongseog Jang

 Threshold autoregressive models with application to video traffic. (thompson,ece)

1997 Eduardo J. Urbina

 EGA: A pattern recognition architecture to perform empirical goal analysis  (steele,cs)

1997 Enrique Alvarez

 Intelligent connectionist pattern recognition system: The partial implementation of Expert Netvis  a user-driven data exploration system    (steele,   cs)

1998  Anthony Kozloff

Improved acoustic scattering model for medical imaging. (thompson,ece)

1998  Bo-Kyoung Kim

Optimal feedback control of ABR traffic in ATM networks.  (thompson,   cs)

1998  Sudha Mulpur

Adaptive traffic shaping for multiplexed variable bit rate video traffic.   (thompson,   cs)

1998  Luis E. Valles

 Inspection intelligent agent to establish equipment and component optimum replacement in productive process     (steele,   cs)

1999  Yeong-Min Jang

Predictive traffic management and buffer dimensioning in broadband wireless networks   (kim,    cs)

2000  Andres A. Monterrosas

DYCOCOP: Dynamic Congestion Control Protocol for ATM    ( kim,    cs)

2000  Jimmie Davis

Performance models for correlated traffic data    (krishnan,    ece)

2001  Hsin-Chun Yu

 Reinforcement learning based admission control in wireless CDMA networks    ( kim,    cs)

2002 Youngheon Kim

Adaptive hybrid ARQ using convolutional and turbo codes on fading channels, and its application to the third-generation wireless communications    ( kim,    cs)

2003 Hark-Sang Kim

Measurement and model based characterization of indoor wireless channels    (chandra,   ece)

2003 Prachee Sharma

Predictive models for wireless fading channels    (chandra,  cs)

2004 Hanjoon Cho

Development of OFDM PAR reduction technique and application on STC-OFDM via tone reservation   ( kim,    cs)

2005 Jung-Rim Hyun

Optimal rate control and source estimation ( kim-thompson,  cs)

2005 Sei-Hyung

Selection of Gaussian kernel widths and fast cluster labeling for support vector clustering (daniels, cs)

2006 Mital Parikh

Characterizing node availabbility and connectivity of a hybrid optical/rf airbone network  (chandra,  ece)

2008 Miroslava Raspopovic

Performance models for shared radio spectrum   (thompson,chandra   ece)

2009 Jing Tsui

Analysis of beam steering by diffraction and the scattering of light by turbulence (thompson,   ece)

2009 Kassiani Kotsidou

Acoustical modeling of micro-transducer arrays   (thompson,   ece)

2009 Sania Salahuddin

Statistical characterization of an indoor ultra-wideband wireless channel    ( thompson, cs)

2009 Minsoo Park

Reduced alphabet of amino acids and its application to alternative splicing detection (kim, cs)

2012 Max Denis

 A unified treatment of the acoustic and elastic scattered was from fluid-elastic media   (thompson,   ece)

2013 Darlene Fleming Barker

An Eulerian path approach to next-generation DNA sequencing with pre-sorted reads (kim,cs)

2013 Adam Russell

Formulation and application of radial visualization properties (daniels,cs)

2014 Hengky Susanto

Congestion control with QoS through network utility maximization (kim,cs)

2015 Ambika Bhatta

Acoustic impulse response of a closed empty rectangular room   (thompson,   ece)

2015 Asye Kalkan-Savoy

Strain measurement in an ultrasound simulation framework (thompson,   ece)

2015 Shu Ye

Constrained Delaunay meshing for printed circuit board visulaization and electromagnetic analysis (daniels,cs)

2015 Robert Marceau

Partitioning data to minimize cluster overlap using multiple visualization views (daniels, cs)


In Progress

201x  Vincente DelGaudio     Multichannel echo cancellation   (thompson,   ece)

201x  Elaine Vejar  Acoustic scattering from bone tissue   (thompson,chandra   ece)

201x Pratik Gandhi (chandra,ece)

201x Nicholas Misiunas (chandra, ece)

201x Hui Zhou Fast multipole Pade approach to wave scattering analysis (thompson,ece)

201x  Peter Asuzu (thompson,ece)

201x  Barbara Deschamp Metabolic flux analysis and modeling (chandra,ece)

201x  Aydin Sadeqi (chandra,ece)

201x  Elaheh Noursadeghi (raptis,me)

201x Mehmet Guney (raptis, me)


Masters Dissertations

1989    Martin Manley    Stability of Stagnation Flows   ( thompson, ece)

1989    Vineet Mehta    Fluid motion and hydrodynamic stability of semiconductor melts.    (thompson,ece)

1991    Tham Le    Investigation of hidden Markov models for speech recognition  (thompson,ece)

1991    Ayse Kalkan    Neural network coordinate transformer.    (fiddy-thompson , ece)

1991    Terrence Champion    Estimation and synthesis of 2.4 KBPS LPC-10 parameters using sinusoidal transform coder techniques   ( krishnan, ece)

1992    George Tasiopoulos    Scientific visualization of two dimensional time evolving fields     (thompson,ece)

1992    Chao Hsu    Algorithms for scattered ultrasonic fields from inhomogeneous materials    chandra-thompson

1993    Bo-Kyoung Kim    Simulation study of weighted round-robin queueing policy   ( kim, cs)

1993    Alia Haider    Image compression using wavelet transform.   ( thompson, ece)

1993    Ajay Muplur    Shockpropagation models with spectral mulidomian methods and flux-corrected transport    (thompson, me)

1995    Vardhani Harpanahalli    Burst detection in packet data transmission.     (thompson,ece)

1995    Ananda Chakravarty    Spatial analysis of stability for disturbances in stagnation flow    (thompson,ece)

1995    Weihong Gao    Image coding using wavelet based HR filter banks.    (thompson, ece)

1996    Matthew Bush    Modeling and control of a 144 KW dual stage inverter.    (mulpur-thompson, ece)

1996    Radivojevic Dusan    Diffusion corrected optical flow.    (thompson,ece)

1998    Tolga Eren    Dynamic analysis of tethered satellite systems    (chandra, ece)

1998    Nancy Tharakan    Acoustic Echo cancellation    (thompson, ece)

1999    Chun You    time series models for internet data traffic.    (chandra, ece)

1999    Ping Zhou    Delay estimation and control of available bit rate (ABR) sources.     (thompson-bo kim,ece)

2000    Gbenga Olowoyeye    Workload models for HTTP servers    (chandra, ece)

2000    Mital Parikh    Traffic metrics for adaptive routing.    (chandra, ece)

2000    Parita Amin    Infinite impulse response filter based models of room acoustic     (thompson,ece)

2001    Sa Liu    Channel assignment for time-varying demand   ( daniels, cs )

2002    Shekhar S. Kshirsager    Feasibility study of soft available bit rate (SABR) routing in Internet    (kim, cs)

2002    Sintayehu Dehnie    TCP performance over wireless fading channels.    (chandra, ece)

2003    Deepak Garg    Differentiated services and MPLS integration proposal, 2001–2003   ( kim, cs)

2003    Miroslava Raspopovic    Exact image theory for ultra-wideband pulse reflections.   (thompson,ece)

2003    Jing Tsui    Network performance of audio streaming servers    ( thompson, ece )

2003    Jyotsna Basana    Asymptotic approximations for the effective bandwidth of a Markovian process.     (thompson,ece)

2004    Vasudevan Vijayakalshmi    Wireless channel characterization and modeling    (chandra, ece)

2003    Rajani Pakalapati    Network traffic analysis identifying invariant features in Internet traffic    (chandra, ece)

2004    Max Denis    A model for indoor wireless channels     (thompson,ece)

2004    Hetalbin Patel    A rigid sphere model for the head-related transfer function and its application to audio signal processing   (thompson,ece)

2004    Estella Pham    Indoor Wireless channel estimation   (chandra, ece)

2005    Sirisha Myneni    LAN Traffic analysis and effective bandwidth calculation    (chandra, ece)

2005    Keyur Joshi    TCP performance emulation for lossy communication  channels    (chandra, ece)

2005    Ben England A partition-based heuristic for translational orthotope covering problems (daniels,cs)

2006    Neha Dhar    Analysis of channel perfomance for binary signaling   (thompson,ece)

2010    Wei-En Hsu    Measurement and modeling of ultra-wideband indoor wireless channels   (chandra,ece)

2010    Lavanya Kakireddy   Performance analysis of software defined radio   (chandra,ece)

2010    Amibka Bhatta   An analysis of scattering form a reentrant wedge   (thompson,ece)

2011    Raji Remany   Investigation of pilot tone detection in spectrum sensing   (chandra,thompson,ece)

2011    Jason M’Sadoques Regarding an alternative method for translational single-item containment (daniels, cs)

2012    Barbara Deschamp Modeling the mechanical vibration and current flow in carbon nanotubes (chandra thompson,ece)

2013     Pratik Gandhi A sensing and transmission model for spectrum sharing (chandra,ece)

2013     Nicholas Misiunas Spectrum sharing policies with adjacent channel constraints (chandra, ece)

2013     Megha Sunny Acoustic streaming in a channel bifurcated by an elastic membrane (thompson,ece)

2013     Dhani Ramya Student analytics for course recommendation (daniels,cs)

2014    Katherine Aho Fluid motion in the cochlea resulting from bone conducted stimulation (thompson,ece)

2014    Benjamin Woodward Performance optimization of radial basis function support vector machines (thompson,ece)

2015    Nita Nagdewate Application of fast multipole method


In Progress

201x Jenny Au Nonuniformly spaced arrays (thompson,ece)

201x Chisna Nguon

201x Cory Miniter

201x  Paula Cavalcanti

201x Ololade Mudasiru

201x Sameera Mogulla

201x Janki Soni