Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications

Neel Makuden


Future Engineer

Junior at Lowell High School

Francis College of Engineering

Research Interests

I’m interested in clearing space debris and junk. I believe that if humanity wants to travel to space and colonize the Moon and planets like Mars, we must fist clear the space debris that is orbiting Earth and keeping us trapped on Earth.


  • Proficient in Google Software, leadership skills, good at simulation games such as, Minecraft, Universe Sandbox 2, and City Skylines


 I have many interests. I am good at video games, specifically simulation games. Other interests I have are, but not limited to, Aerospace engineering, STEM related fields, and learning about different cultures. I am also trying to learn Spanish and Japanese. I am also interested in having new experiences.


  • Senior, Lowell High School, Lowell, MA, 2025 Graduation 

Honors & Awards

I went on the high honor roll and honor numerous times during my school years

Work, Project, Academic & Community Experience

Work Experience

August 2021 – Present

Upward Bound, Middlesex Community College – Part-time internship

  • Learned financial literacy.
  • Helped assemble kits for middle school students and Mass BioMed.

June 2023 – Present

TRIO, Middlesex Community College Upward Bound Program – Part-time internship

  • Participate in an intensive six-week summer program which provides educational hands-on experience with biotechnical concepts, financial literacy, and career guidance.

Project Work

In my engineering course we had multiple projects where we had to work together. One such example is when me and my team had to make a carnival game. We decided to make a catapult where you would have to launch the beanbag into the ring. We had a point system where you could earn less valuable prizes.

Community Work

I have over 100 hours of community service through a program called AFJROTC. In the program we learn about multiple vital traits of leadership. During community service events we go to places like schools to help clean them up or donate to food banks or charities.