Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications

Kai-Xing Yue


Future Engineer

Rising Senior at Westford Academy

Francis College of Engineering

Research Interests

Almost every person over the entire world has heard about climate change, but almost nothing is done to rectify the situation for fear of inconveniencing their daily lives by sorting their trash or carpooling more often. Whether we like it or not, without putting effort into this situation as soon as possible, we’ll ultimately end up more than just “inconvenienced.” I want to contribute to the design of more energy efficient plants that rely on renewable resources that rely as little as possible on the destruction of the surrounding ecosystem.


  • Math

  • Martial Arts

  • Programming

Founder and President | Math Crafts | Westford Academy | Since 2022                                        

  • Wrote proposal to school administration for club approval and seek out club advisor
  • Recruit new members through Freshman School Fair and promotional videos broadcasted on school morning announcements
  • Introduce mathematical concepts through the use of crafts like origami

Student Instructor | Cirrus Outdoor Adventure Club | Westford Academy | Since 2020

  • Appointed by club advisor after completing the necessary qualifications including solo hikes and camping
  • Created promotional videos to advertise club activities and increase membership
  • Planned and led multi-day camping and hiking activities for new and existing members
  • Initiate new outdoor activities including bird watching and maple tapping
  • Recruit instructors to teach the new activities

Captain of Demonstration team | World Class Martial Arts| Since 2019                                        

  • Appointed by the head coach
  • Leads and motivates team members to perform at their best capacity 
  • Teaches peers new skills including advanced kicks and forms and helps them refine these skills
  • Coordinated with the organizers of the Chinese New Year Festival at school to host a TKD demonstration event 
  • Third Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo
  • Practiced and advanced through the Kukkiwon TKD belt ranks since 2015

Math Team | WA | Since 2020

  • Participated and qualified for regional competitions in the Middlesex County District 
  • Participated in Mathematical Association of America AMC 8, 10 competitions

Programming | Self-Study | Since 2020

  • Promoted to silver in Java programming at USACO 2021
  • Won bronze in Java at USACO 2020 
  • Self-studying electrical engineering through Arduino
  • Proficient: Java, Python, Arduino IDE
  • Experience: C, C++, Assembly 


  • Westford Academy     Westford, MA, 2020-current 

Honors & Awards 

  • National Honors Society | Tadmuck Chapter | WA | Since 2022

    Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra | Since 2021


Work, Project, Academic & Community Experience

Project Work: Embedded Security and Hardware Hacking – MITRE | Beaver Works Summer Institute | Massachusetts Institute of Technology| Jul – Aug 2021

  • Created a bootloader in a team of 4 students with support tools to 1) build and provision the bootloader, and 2) build, emulate, bundle & protect, and update firmware
  • Used Python to hash firmware using HMAC and encrypt it with AES block cipher
  • Used Github for revision control
  • Learned about embedded system components, cryptography basics and their security features 
  • Learned about the basics on side-channel analysis and fault attacks

Community Work:

Technician volunteer | Independent Living| Chelmsford, MA| Since 2022

  • Volunteered 2 hours weekly in the summer and 2 hours monthly during school
  • Helped seniors to fix and/or configure their software, apps and electronic devices, including iPhones, androids, iPads, tablets, and laptops
  • Teach seniors how to use any apps and software including social media

Volunteer | The Open Food Pantry of Greater Lowell | Lowell, MA | Since 2022

  • Volunteered 2 hours weekly in the summer
  • Packed and sorted food into bags to distribute to clients
  • Initiated activity during school breaks to teach origami to clients’ children while their parents were waiting for food

Tutoring in Honors Geometry