Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications

Gwen Marcotte


Undergraduate Student in Civil Engineering

Francis College of Engineering

Research Interests

I want to focus on clean water supplies and safer living conditions. In the city that I am from there have been a lot of housing issues, especially in the poorer parts of the city. I have friends who have lost family members who have died because of the unsafe living conditions. I have also done a lot of reading about people in poorer countries who do not have an easily accessible, safe water source and I want to do something about it. After I am through with college, I want to join the Peace Corps because it will allow me to use the skills I will learn in college to help people.


  • Basketball

  • Most Sports

  • Reading

  • Cooking/Baking

  • Writing

  • Collaboration

  • Presenting

Hi! I am from Worcester, MA. About to start my freshman year of college in the Fall. I have a younger sister who is going to be a sophomore in high school. I love to be active and one of my favorite ways to stay busy is to play basketball and workout. I also enjoy reading, baking, going for walks/runs, and hiking.


  • University of Massachusetts Lowell, BS, Civil Engineering, Class of 2027

  • Saint Paul Diocesan Jr/Sr High School, Worcester, MA.

  • Holy Name Jr/Sr High School (HN merged with another catholic school in the city)

Honors & Awards 

  • NHS

  • Academic Highest Honors

  • Smith Book Award

  • Basketball Coaches Award

  • Wayne Nugent Memorial Sportsmanship Award

  • Female of the Year

Work, Project, Academic & Community Experience

  • Community Work:
    • Basketball ref/coach
    • Orientation leader
    • Retreat Leader
    • Alter Server
    • GirlUp